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New! Goldrush - 8-Bit style pixel boardgame!

Goldrush Pixel Boardgame by Yoda Zhang This is a totally new type of boardgame! The box resembles a classic Atari VCS game-box and the graphics in the game even looks like an 8-bit game - big chunky pixels. Even the player's pawns are big pixels.

The game-concept is one of the old-time computer game classics: You and your fellows start on the ground and dig down in search for gold. In the shop, you can buy equipment. This is needed for successfully discovering gold: ladders, dynamite, boots, backpack, diving-suit, bird in a cage. Since you can only carry so many things, you have to go back from time to time to deposit your gold in your safe and buy new equipment.

At the beginning, you can only afford some ladders. But deep down in the mine, you will need the diving-suit to cross water, or the bird that warns you of gas-explosion.

Goldrush has authentic 8-bit pixel graphics and beautiful material like rocks and little gold-nuggets. It's a lot of fun to discover the mine and find more and more gold. Goldrush is perfect for players ages 30 and up, since they will certainly remember the good old Atari VCS game. But due to it's clever concept, the whole family can enjoy this game!

Order your Goldrush game now for just $29.99! International shipping is only $3.99. Get it now while supplies last - the game is handmade in Germany and has been produced in a very limited quantity only!

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