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Who is Yoda?

Gamedesigner Yoda Zhang Yoda Zhang my name is. Yes, my real name it is. Designer of the games I am. Fundesigner I am.

Here's my story:

I started my career as a game-designer when I was 14 years old, creating simple games in BASIC on the ATARI 400 computer with 16 KB RAM.

Later, I discovered the art of computer music and worked for Atari Germany, Axis and Ariolasoft, creating groovy musical tunes for their games.

In 1989, I founded KE-SOFT, a famous German Atari 8-Bit games company and published lots of games for the Atari 8-Bit systems, as well as the printed German ZONG-magzine for Atari 8-Bit computers.

My philosophy ...

In the beginning of video games, there were very simple games like Pong, Space Invaders, Pac Man, Frogger and a lot of other very funny and innovating titles.

Later on, graphics, sound and memory capabilities became better, and so the games improved more and more. They became more realistic, more powerful, much more impressive. But they also became a lot more boring and less innovative.

The same mechanics and ideas were used repeatedly again and again. Only graphics, sound and effects improved, but gameplay didn't.

Here is my personal opinion:

I don't enjoy running around in a - yes, very realistic - 3D-terrain, killing everything in my way, finding some things and maybe solving some puzzles. Too boring.

And even worse: Clicking some icons to make monsters, armies or whatever fight against each other, just watching them instead of using your own skills to do it.

To me - and I think I'm not alone with this opinion - a lot of the old games of the '80s are just more fun:

You don't have to learn complicated movements or rules. You don't have to play for hours to win a level or reach a goal. You can just sit, play and have fun. No matter if you can spend 5 minutes or 5 hours. No matter if you've ever played a videogame before.

And that is excatly what I want to bring back with my games.

Try my games and you'll see that simple principles without 3D-graphics can be a lot of fun. And they are addicting, too.

To me, a game is only good enough when it could have the simplest graphics on earth and would still be fun to play. So I emphasize the idea, the principle behind a game, the playability, not the graphics or special-fx.

Yes, of course there are graphics and special-fx, but they don't make the game. The idea and playability make the game.

If you agree, try my games. Enjoy and have fun.

Contribute by unlocking the games to support development of new games. And tell others about my games.

If you don't agree, you can still try my games.

Every game can be played for free up to a certain level. No time-limit, just enjoy playing.

If you like the game and want to play further, please contribute the small amount asked for to unlock the full game with more levels and much more fun.

Your contribution will enable me to create more games for you!

Enjoy and have fun!

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